Ruby Zoisite Sphere
Ruby Zoisite Sphere
Ruby Zoisite Sphere
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Ruby Zoisite Sphere - Various

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Zoisite may be found naturally with ruby in it, much like fuchsite. Zoisite has little sparkling bits throughout the rock, and it is an opaque stone.

Zoisite helps with: Opens the heart, strengthens love relationships, spurs action, combats laziness, return to the self, return the mind back to its objectives after an unwelcome interruption

Ruby helps with: All types of love, opening the heart, expressing love, compassion, connection to spiritual and Divine love, trust, courage, forgiveness, grounding, clearing blocked emotions and energy

Chakras: Root, heart

Corresponding Astrological Sign for Ruby Zoisite: Aries, Aquarius

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#1 is 2.5" and 14.18 oz
#2 is 2.5" and 14.11 oz
#3 is 2.5" and 15.70 oz